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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Practical Common Lisp Chapter 11 : Collections

Unlike other books which often concentrate on Lists first, Vectors, variations of vectors and hash lists are presented first. I am actually surprised that we haven't yet been taught about car and cdr yet. Perhaps that is good as that might bring up bad memories of that Lisp class they had in school where they were just confused. Unlike javascript you can make resizeable strings and unlike javascript there are support for bit vectors that it looks like it isn't supper slow. This chapter is mostly a list of functions that can be applied to a sequence. Some of the neater ones are map, reduce, merge and notany, but no mention of regular expressions. I really would have liked some problems to solve that take advantage of some of the more neat built in functions. But honestly I felt like there was a properly displayed API table and it was re-written in paragraphs. I would have preferred a list of functions with matching API docs like: Even if I tried out every function in Emacs (I tried some, but not them all) I am bound to need to re-look them up later (or more like sooner) and in the current format that is difficult.

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