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Friday, October 12, 2007

Practical Common Lisp Chapter 1 & 2

I have begun reading through Practical Common Lisp

The author has put together a package with Emacs and SLIME called LispBox which is pretty cool. Maybe it is out of date (packaged in 2005 I think), but non less where LISP has so many different implementations and IDE's etc having this package pre built is a nice touch.

Back in 1999 during the first few weeks at RIT I attended a spontaneous seminar at CSH all about vim. And for the last eight years I have been using vi. :) Earlier this year I tried switching over to Emacs, but it was slow going and I ended up going back to vim one day when I needed to get stuff done asap. So I am enjoying walking through the Emacs tutorial (some new, some refreshing) while learning the basics of Lisp.

Chapter 2
Saving Your Work. It says "after you type the opening parenthesis and the word DEFUN, at the bottom of the Emacs window, SLIME will tell you the arguments expected" but I didn't see that. It did show up for format, but not defun

The first two chapters were a little bit of history, getting LispBox up and running, writing a hello world and walking around in Emacs.

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