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Friday, October 12, 2007

Practical Common Lisp (the tech talk video)

Sat down last night and watch the Practical Common Lisp Google tech talk video given by Peter Seibel who wrote the book by the same name. Honestly I found the video not worth watching. It took almost five minutes to get to any content, the first example had way to much code, the second example was horrible to the point that all I could think was that it was just the wrong way to do things and the last ten minutes were a rushed overview of macros explained in such as way that made it underwhelming when I already know that it is a very cool feature. I was expecting an intro to Lisp when it was clearly targeted to a different audience, but I am not sure who that is. So if you are going to read the book don't bother watching this video. I think the book will be better.

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